About Mind at Work Consulting

Mind at Work Consulting provides training, coaching, mentoring and consulting services to improve and develop genuine team collaboration, as well as implement agile practices and techniques more effectively. Through mindfulness, teams learn the traits needed at an individual level that lead to more effective interactions at the team level. Mindfulness is the key element that enables teams to genuinely embody the agile mindset and collaborate effortlessly. We help teams to implement agile practices quickly and effectively.

Mindfulness is the quality or state of being conscience and totally aware. In all teams, and in particularly in agile teams, mindfulness is a basic necessity to enable us to be truly collaborative. It enables us to truly be alert to what is happening with our work and in our team, and be more responsive to our customers and stakeholders. Just like a drop of water falling into a still pond, mindfulness begins within each of us, and radiates out to affect the team, as well as the entire project community.

Kathy Berkidge – Agile Consultant and Mindfulness Coach

Kathy is founder of Mind at kgb1Work Consulting. As a dedicated mindfulness practitioner, Kathy is passionate about seeing people, teams and organisations succeed and thrive within an environment of collaboration, trust and harmony. Kathy helps teams integrate mindfulness practices into their processes and delivery framework. Mindfulness offers many benefits to both individuals and teams resulting in more productive interactions, effective communications and valuable outcomes.

With a background in software development, Kathy has almost 30 years’ experience in I.T. Starting as an analyst / programmer developing IBM store solutions, Kathy quickly became a customer consultant, working with organisations both large and small to implement software solutions and process improvements. Kathy is a seasoned business analyst with extensive experience working with teams throughout the entire software development life cycle including project management, process management, LEAN, waterfall and agile.

Working with numerous well known companies, including Australian federal and state government departments, Kathy helps people understand the agile mindset and how to be truly agile, as well as how to do the practices used commonly used in agile teams. Coupled with mindfulness techniques, she trains new and experienced individuals on the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective team member, and how to enable organisations to deliver products and services that provide superior customer satisfaction and business value. Kathy is also a sort after key-note speaker and a contributor to the book ‘Business Analysis and Leadership: Influencing Change’.

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