Mind at Work Consulting can help you and your teams improve how well you work together, be more collaborative and mindful. We assist your teams implement the agile mindset and practices quickly and effectively. Our services include workshops and training, agile consulting, coaching, speaking and facilitation.  We can tailor training and workshops to suit your needs. See the details below to find out how we can help you.  Contact us to discuss your requirements .

Workshops and Training

We offer mindfulness workshops, agile training, as well as on-going support, to help you and your teams become more aware and truly agile. Our training will teach you the secrets of teamwork and how to implement a collaborative mindset. The program can be offered as a single day training, or delivered in combination with on-going workshops and coaching sessions to ensure your teams grow, become more aware and be genuinely collaborative.

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Agile Consulting

Whether you are transitioning to agile, or have been using agile techniques for a while, we enable you and your teams improve, be more productive and deliver products and solutions that customers love. We can help you assess if you are ready to go agile, figure out how to start, identify issues, find areas for improvement, and then come up with a plan of attack to realise the benefits of agile that you and your organisation desire. The agile mindset is the key to successful agile implementation, which we can help you and your teams understand to make agile really work for you. We have extensive, hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge with both mindfulness and agile practices to guide your team through the adoption of both agile and mindfulness.
Agile Business Consortium Annual Conference 2016

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Coaching and Mentoring

We are passionate about seeing teams grow and prosper, not just deliver solutions faster. It takes more than just learning a few new skills and ceremonies to be agile, but a change in mindset. That’s where our coaching comes in. Our goal is for you and your team to become self-coaching, self-organising, and proficient in applying mindfulness and agile practices. We partner with you to become aware of what’s needed to collaborate more effectively, as well as boost your performance and proficiency in both mindfulness and agile solution delivery.

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Sometimes a whole day training is too much. You and your teams are simply too busy, or maybe you just need some specific advice or instruction. We can customise our workshop as a speaking engagement that delivers the key information and guidance you need.

Kathy Berkidge presents energetic and interactive keynote talks. Full of personal experiences, and her own quirky brand of humour, she has delivered dynamic and well received sessions at agile and business conferences all over the world. Let her come to talk to your teams to provoke thought and generate new enthusiasm in your team.

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Tailored Solutions

We also offer tailored programs that cover your specific needs. Maybe you want a deep understanding of the agile framework. Or a detailed look at mindfulness in action. Perhaps your team wants to advance their mindfulness, or hone their skills on a particular agile practice. Contact us to discuss your needs and let us put together a bespoke offering tailored specifically to you and your teams’ needs.

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Contact us to discuss how we can help your teams grow.