The right mindset is needed to collaborate well.

This genuine, agile, collaborative mindset can be so difficult to achieve.

We equip you with the skills necessary to collaborate effectively.

New Workshops

Mindful Product Ownership

Applying Mindfulness to Value Analysis and Management

This practical workshop will help you deeply understand your customers and be more effective in your role. You will learn how to apply mindfulness techniques to customer analysis, creative thinking, team collaboration and communications.

Mindful Agile Leadership

How Mindfulness Enables Authentic Agile Leadership

In this workshop, you will learn how mindfulness helps you to show up as the very best leader you can be. You will learn how to apply mindfulness techniques to become a more inspirational and effective agile leader.

Individuals and interactions are the key ingredients to achieve effective collaboration, which is critical in agile teams that need to work efficiently together.  But how does that happen?  What do our teams need to be collaborative?

Mind at Work Consulting helps teams learn and implement skills and practices that enable true collaboration. We provide programmes and consulting to help your teams grow, be more aware, and be genuinely collaborative.

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